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How to Create Backlinks and make it readable for Google Webmaster

Lets take a website for example on how to create backlinks and make them readable and so Google webmaster show them in search console.

This is the example website:

I have selected 14 keywords to rank them on Google , now what I need to do is write these keywords and create link on it , for example:

  1. gift shop in malaysia
  2. gift shop malaysia
  3. online gift shop malaysia
  4. gift online malaysia
  5. gift shop online malaysia
  6. gift delivery malaysia
  7. premium gift malaysia
  8. premium gift
  9. florist malaysia
  10. flower delivery malaysia
  11. online florist malaysia
  12. malaysia florist
  13. flowers malaysia
  14. florist in malaysia

Now what I did above, I have created link on each keywords which I want to rank, but when you share an article , don't use more than 3 keywords in your article.

I have only used these 14 keywords to make people understand on how it works, otherwise Google bot don't like so much backlinks in single article.


But before we do this method we need to know On Site Optimization first, I will share on page optimization method soon. stay connected to stay updated.


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